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I’m an applications engineer with 15 years of experience. I've Assisted in raising over $1mm in revenue through digital advertising products for News Corp Companies. I’ve been blessed to work alongside the brightest minds in the industry at each stage solving challenges that help shape business and people.



CANVS Interactive Street Art
September 2017 - Current

Build and maintain api’s for ui/data delivery to IOS, Android, and B2B products. Architect a contributor platform where users can upload mural and artist data for product display. Work with CANVS collective, advisors and partners to build future iterations of products and technologies. Develop and supervise React, Front and Back-end, React-native and other mobile products as well as AWS, data tools and infrastructure.


Robot Engines
July 2015 - Current

Work with clients to scope and develop digital products, strategy and servicing tools. Deploy the latest isomorphic JS across many industries. Assist in migrating legacy tech into more communal based solutions. Teach devs the know how and methodology of certain JS frameworks and libraries.


ADP Innovation Lab
November 2013 - January 2016

Work on a 10 member JS team to build cutting edge technologies that reshaped the vision for ADP’s data, app and HR solutions. Assisted in ushering in a modern tech culture to ADP legacy approaches. Test tech and frameworks for entry to ADP’s product pipeline using Node, React, Angular, Mongo, Ionic, PHP, Drupal, mysql, three JS, D3, Word press Python and many others.


Fox News
October 2011 - November 2013

Create and maintain a home-brew ad serving technology for native, mobile and rich media sales initiatives. Work with sales & biz development to Conceive, pitch and deploy unique digital advertising opportunities for Fox digital clientele. Tech: node, PHP, drupal, mongo and several others.


September 2007 - October 2011

Conceive and deploy editorial and advertorial Interactive Rich Media. Work with sales to develop first to market opportunities for NY POST clientele.

Projects & Clients

Town Square Media Digital Platforms

Build slack and ticketing support tools for over 200,000 websites. Build react sites and components that support the transposition of word press widgets and contributor content. Expand Brand ui with fresh tech and features.

Tech Layers:
React/redux, React-Native, Angular 4, node JS, express, mysql, mongo, word press, nginx, AWS, elastic search, Redis, and Kafka.

Eartheos NASA International Space Station initiative

Build an International Space Station website that contains news feeds as well as tracks the ISS’s orbit. Convert ISS ‘tle’ data into orbital tracks on both 2D and 3D interactive maps. Display several data points on all maps that allows users to interact with news as well as videos and games.

Tech Layers:
Angular 4-5, cesium 3D, map box, word press, node JS, express, mongo, AWS.

R/GA client product and advertising websites.

Build front & back-end systems around seasonal product releases for Samsung & Verizon. Develop interactive parallax sites with interactive video for multi platform product placements, interactive games and web-apps.

Tech Layers:
React/redux, Angular 4, node JS, express, gulp, mongo, AWS.


Build an interactive ui for the paper mill store site revamp. Build allowed for an indexed delivery of all products in milliseconds upon user interaction. Objective was to take the companies magento inventory then index that data into a rapid search engine service rendered in react.

Tech Layers:
Algolia, React/redux, node JS, express, gulp.

Spinner Systems

Build out a react gaming front-end that deals with handling pinball player data, scores and machine managers.

Tech Layers:
React/redux, express, webpack, node, express

CANVS full stack development

Build out a front-end UI that allows for the creation of street art post. Design endpoints and processes to handle incoming data delivery to all user interfaces across mobile and desktop. Maintain micro-processed docker design in AWS.

Tech Layers:
React/redux, React-Native, node JS, express, mysql, mongo, nginx, AWS, docker, Google auto-ml

15 years in tech

JS-12 years

React-5 years

React-Native1.5 years

Angular-2 years

Node JS -6 years

Mongo-4 years

CSS/SASS-12 years


DRUPAL-5 years

PHP-5 years

GIT-7 years

AWS-7 years

PHOTOSHOP-15 years



School of visual arts

Bachelor computer art
Computer Art, Design & Programming
September 1995 - June 1999


Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Oxford Fintech Programme
Blockchain, IOT, Financial Services
February 2018

Industry Focus

News/ MediaEntertainmentDigital AdvertisingHR solutionsHuman capitalFinance

AgencyMedicalSpace explorationArt & Street ArtSocial Media

FashionMarketingPublic RelationsInvestingCrypto-currency