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15 years developing digital products. Designed technology that assisted in producing over one million in revenue through digital advertising initiatives. Created award winning technology that connects communities, businesses and brands. Invented and developed technology patents that helped shape HR tech innovation.



Robot Engines
July 2015 - Current

Isobar Dentsu Corp - Build and maintain tech for Cisco systems and Baker Hughes.

  • Built web interfaces in Drupal, React JS and Wordpress.
  • Manage aws code pipeline for ci/cd workflows.
  • Built homebrew JS modular factories for dom traversal and injection in CMS themes
  • Work with stakeholders, internal and external teams in various agile and scrum work flows.

TownSquare Media - maintain over 200,000 sites, apps & support tools.

  • Develop web based UI’s for clients using React, Angular & Sass.
  • Architect back-end services and support tools in node and express with deployments to AWS.
  • Assisted in development efforts for over 200,000 websites utilizing Wordpress, React/Redux, Mongo & MySql.
  • Deliver CI/CD product with remote and onsite teams in an Agile Scrumban framework.

R/GA - Samsung and Verizon

  • Built rich media ads, websites and web apps with React, Redux and Express.
  • Develop and deployed express servers to handle data persistence, UI delivery.
  • Work with internal agile teams to meet tight client deadlines and requirements.

Eartheos - NASA International Space Station initiative

  • Built Interactive 2d and 3d maps with cesium, proj4, d3, sass, svg, angular 5, rjxs and redux.
  • Collected and transpose 2 line element data to track and animate web app in real time.
  • Worked with remote engineers to fine tune api payloads for front end performant data structures.

Cake & Arrow - Papermill store application

  • Built search and checkout systems using magento, algoilia, react/ redux, webpack and sass.
  • Worked with product, project, ui, and qa teams in agile sprints and daily stand ups.

Spinner Systems Pinball web app

  • Built a react/ redux gaming app that handles player data, scores and machine managers


CANVS Interactive Street Art
September 2017 - April 2020

Built responsive web/mobile apps using React, Wordpress, HTML 5, Sass, jQuery and Vanilla JS.

  • Designed distributed apis to handle user auth, app security, data validation and ui delivery.
  • Developed React-Native applications for cross mobile development and data collection.
  • Maintained scrum processes for the CANVS external teams and clients.
  • Awarded residency at Samsung Next Innovation Labs.
  • Granted the Imagine More Grant for our initiative in public art tech.
  • Publication - hudsonreporter - Jersey City Mural Arts Program is a community success story.


ADP Innovation Lab
November 2013 - January 2016

Work with product, ui and various teams to scope out technology for adp’s hr product pipeline.

  • Built front-end payroll and HR applications using react, backbone, angular and d3.
  • Developed back-end systems in express and php for api and user data delivery.
  • Provisioned and deployed aws for various use cases from Drupal, Wordpress, Express, apache, and NGINX.
  • Conducted daily stand ups and weekly code reviews.
  • Wrote unit & integration test using mocha, assert and others libs.v
  • R&D new technologies that could find way into adp’s marketplace.
  • Prepared technical documents and flows according to vendor and client specs


Fox News
October 2011 - November 2013
  • Built ad serving technology and tools-sets using JS, Drupal, Node and MySql.
  • Developed rich interactive content using AS3, Flash, GSAP, JS, HTML and CSS.
  • Met with ad trafficking to create ad tagging/ placement JS templates.
  • Aligned with sales and sales dev to create national ad pitches according to rfp.
  • Sprint with Devops, devs, yield and trafficking teams to bring all digital concerns inline.
  • Worked with the dev team to create ad serving tech and tools.


September 2007 - October 2011
  • Developed web pages and sites using Drupal, JS, PHP, MySql, HTML and cSS.
  • Built, design and deploy rich media digital ads using as3, JS, HTML and php.
  • Worked with sales to develop first to market products for NY POST clientele
  • Conceived and deployed editorial and advertorial interactive rich media.
  • Consulted with sister companies, WSJ and FOX to build out national ad initiatives.

15 years in tech

JS-12 years

React-5 years

React-Native1.5 years

Angular-2 years

Node JS -6 years

Mongo-4 years

CSS/SASS-12 years


DRUPAL-5 years

PHP-5 years

GIT-7 years

AWS-7 years

PHOTOSHOP-15 years



School of visual arts

Bachelor computer art
Computer Art, Design & Programming
September 1995 - June 1999


Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Oxford Fintech Programme
Blockchain, IOT, Financial Services
February 2018

Industry Focus

News/ MediaEntertainmentDigital AdvertisingHR solutionsHuman capitalFinance

AgencyMedicalSpace explorationArt & Street ArtSocial Media

FashionMarketingPublic RelationsInvestingCrypto-currency