About Omar

Omar Alex Scott is a full stack javascript developer based in NY, He was born in Brooklyn and attended School Of Visual Arts where he learned the art of graphic/3d design and computer programming. Seeing that NY was not a place for 3d developers, Omar started a life as a web developer/designer in 2003 way before it was cool.

Before starting his own consultancy in 2016, Omar built digital product for many corporations and companies across NYC.

Omar started his career in tech 15 years ago by creating mortgage loan platforms for sales and origination departments. Omar built lamp stacks that assisted in selling, marketing and submitting loans through web applications.

Once the economy and several banks went belling up, Omar found himself building interactive rich media ad tech for the New Post, FoxNews and NewsCorp. While at NewsCorp, Omar assisted in raising over 1 million dollars in ad revenue through his product and ad platforms deployments. He built tech for sales and editorial on a myriad of technologies ranging from WordPress, Drupal, PHP, IOS, Node and several JS libraries.

After the programmatic takeover of digital advertising, Omar set his sights on more lucrative endeavors, building human capital and HR solutions software for ADP’s innovation initiatives. While at ADP Omar worked on transformative tech that helped ADP rethink and revamp legacy processes and systems, He authored and co-authored 4 patents.

Omar has enjoyed a successful career as a Full stack developer and in 2016 he started Robot Engines, a web development consultancy that he still operates today. As a tech lead and consultant for his company, Omar has built tech across many silos under Robot Engines ranging from Online media to space exploration.

In 2017 Omar joined the CANVS street art initiative and ever since has been building tech that has assisting in all facets of CANVS digital initiatives from mobile apps to sass.

Tech Focus:

Current- Node, Express, React, React Native, Angular, Mongo, Mysql, AWS
Next-Gen- Machine Learning, AR, Blockchain development.

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